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Making your existing TV, Internet Ready 
Posted by: Admin on 2011-05-10

This is by far the most frequently asked question on Internet Ready TV. This question is also fair when you don't want to chuck your old TV, rather good one, because it can't connect to the internet or spend another grand for a brand new TV. There are many ways in which you can view web contents on your existing TV set.

Here are few ways to do that:

Let's first try to use things around you before we think of buying a new device to make your existing tv, an internet connected TV.

Laptops / Computers:
The most common way to view web content on your TV is to simply connect your laptop / computer to the TV and browse the web. But it isn't simple, your laptop & TV should both have one of these: S-Video out, VGA or HDMI port. If it doesn't have any of these ports, it's probably not worth the try. This method does not involve any new cost except for S-video, VGA or HDMI cables for connections. You should take note that unless you connect your laptop to your TV with HDMI cable, you may have to depend on an external or laptop's own speakers for audio output.

Game Consoles
If you have a gaming console, then there is a chance that you can view web contents on your tv without even needing to invest on cables. You should however note that not all game consoles let you browser the web. If you are the owner of Sony's PlayStation 3 or Nintendo's Wii game consoles, then you are in luck. You have the ability to connect and watch internet content. With Wii you need to buy & download Opera web browser from Wii Shop and then you are ready to go. With Playstation 3, you don't even have to do that you already have a dedicated PS3 browser. For all Xbox 360 owners its a bad news, you cannot connect and browse the internet. The content available on Xbox 360 is limited to that available via Xbox Live.

Now let's explore the ways in which you can buy an new device, without breaking the bank, and make your existing TV, internet ready:

Internet Blu-ray Players
Many manufacturers have now come up with blu-ray players that can connect to the internet. These Internet Blu-ray Players either have a LAN / Ethernet port or wireless capability to hook up to the net. These blu-ray players typically cost between $100 to $300 depending on the manufacturers and the features of the player. The contents available through these blu-ray players depend on the manufacturers and the widgets / apps that they make available for their users. Many of these internet blu-ray players will not let you browse the internet like you do on your laptop / computer. However, things are changing and emergence of Sony's new blu-ray player featuring Google TV provides a full web browser to freely navigate the web contents. And this is set to revolutionize the way we watch our TV.

Internet Ready Devices
There have been an influx of many internet ready devices and boxes in the market to capitalize on the trend towards on-demand video content. Internet ready devices can connect to the internet and provide web contents through widgets. The availability of a particular widget / content depend on the manufacturers of these devices. Some of these devices are capable for streaming full HD content without any loss from the internet and also provide a cinematic audio experience for the viewers. These devices usually come with built-in wi-fi capabilities to establish internet connection. You can buy an internet ready device for under $100. Some the popular devices are Apple TV, Roku, Tivo, Western Digital Media player, D-link's Boxee Box, Sony N100 Streamer, etc.

Above are some of the ways in which you can avoid buying a new internet ready TV, yet enjoying the web contents on your existing TV.

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