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Make your TV Netflix Ready for under $100 
Posted by: Admin on 2011-05-21

When you think for any TV, you relate it to watching movies or TV shows. With traditional free to air tv and cable TV, you are stuck with programs that are broadcast on those TV channels. You often want to see your favorite movies or TV shows when you want it. With Netflix, you get to see the latest movie releases and TV shows at your comfort. Netflix is simply an digital video store. All movie and TV shows from Netflix are directly streamed to your TV via the Internet, saving you the trip to the video shop.

However, to view those latest movies and TV shows through Netflix, you need a device that can connect to the internet and stream the contents to your TV. There are many ways to get Netflix on your TV. For example, you can buy a brand new Internet Ready TV that has Netflix apps, but that will set you back $400 to $2500 depending on the TV size, brand, features, etc.

You don't need to spend that much to enjoy on-demand movies and TV shows from Netflix. All you need is a Netflix Ready device. And one that doesn't break your bank or budget.

Here are some of our suggested devices to make your TV Netflix Ready for under $100:

1. Roku XD Streaming Player 1080p - from $75.00
- instant streaming movies and TV shows, from Netflix, Amazon VOD, and more
- Built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the internet
- Plays Full HD movies and TV shows
2. Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p HD Media Player - from $84.99
- Stream Netflix and other online media
- Built-in Wi-Fi & full HD playback
- Play almost any type of media file
3. Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Player with Wi-Fi - from $99.99
- Stream contents from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu Plus and more
- Built-in Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking + Ethernet port for wired connection
- Play Full HD content and digital surround sound for a cinematic experience

Above are only a handfull of devices that can make your existing TV, Netflix Ready TV. You can explore all internet ready devices and boxes here and save!

You should also note that you need high speed broadband connection and ample data download allowance to enjoy Netflix content. Usually, broadband connection speed of 1.5mbps and 20GB download limit will let you watch enough movies and TV shows for a month.

Do you already enjoy Netflix on your TV? Why not share your experience here!

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