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Browsing the Internet on a Internet Ready TV 
Posted by: Admin on 2011-05-16

It may sound that you can browse the internet on an Internet Ready TV. But think again. Internet TV are in its infancy. The technology has to go a long way from what it is right now. Many TV that claim to be internet ready, won't let you browse the internet as you do with your laptops.

But why can't you browse? The answer is simple, these Internet Ready TVs connect to the internet and provide web contents through widget or apps. For example, YouTube widget will only show videos that are available on YouTube and obviously you cannot view videos from other video sites such as Veoh or Metacafe. Further, availability of these widgets depend on the manufacturers of the television set.

Also most TVs do not have a widget / app for browsing the web as you do with your laptops or computers. Hence browsing the internet on a Internet Ready TV is restricted by your TV manufacturer and the availability of widgets / apps on those TV. However, the latest collaboration between Sony, Intel, Logitech and Google has made a breakthrough in browsing the internet on your TV.

The collaboration has led to the development of Google TV which enables you to browse the internet as you would do on your home computer or laptop. In other words, Google TV offers full web browser. You can find the latest products from Sony & Logitech featuring Google TV and find out if that fits your benchmark for an internet TV.

Though full browser is available through Google TV, the technology is itself evolving and does not replace your laptop. So browsing the internet on the Internet Ready TV is limited.

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